Does your real estate interior photos look like there is a full on BLIZZARD going on outside and either dark or washed out colors inside?

The advantage to Gould Photography is that I take the time to shoot your listing in a way that presents the very best colors and lighting

inside the room and equally importantly the views outside the windows.  The human eye is an amazing organ that allows

us to see all the details inside a room and the details outside at the same time.  The sun is incredibly bright and is no match for the interior

lights of a house.  This causes all the color to washout of the windows when photographed with traditionally shot interiors.

I take the extra time during the shoot to insure EVERY window will show deep and saturated green foliage, deep blue skies and

any other features that would normally be seen from that room.

These images below are various examples of how much window detail can be pulled from interior photographs.

If you have a particular preference, I can shoot to your exact specification.