Ground Video Tour

Get an edge by letting the prospective buyers experience the exceptional features of the property in a very natural way.

Filmed in first person perspective and at a pace that will allow them to paint a visual picture map in their mind of each room and how they interconnect.

This is very important for larger properties that have extra finished spaces and levels of living that can add tremendous value to the property.

Ground + Aerial Video Tour

You get all the advantages of the ground video tour but with the addition of 4K image stabilized drone video.

We creatively mix the aerial and ground video together for a comprehensive video that will detail the most impressive interior  and exterior features of the property.

The addition of exterior video also allows the prospective clients a view of nearby community and nature resources.

All aerial video is shot by a professional FAA Certified Drone Pilot and all flights are filed with the FAA if required.

Don’t risk damaging your property listing literally hours before going to market!

We fly with professional camera rigs, redundant flight systems, collision avoidance systems and state of the art communication links on all our drone platforms.